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A timber titan: Russian company unveils Good Wood Plaza, Russia’s largest timber office building

Timber-based construction is nothing new in Russia. Traditionally, many older homes were made of wood. Plus, many dachas and private holiday homes are still made in the traditional style. But what about a more modern approach? Russian developer Good Wood is promising something big.

Good Wood Plaza, the firm's proposed HQ in Zelenograd near Moscow, is set to become the Russia’s largest timber-based office building. And, in a move perfectly in tune with wood’s eco-credentials, will be one of the greenest commercial spaces on the planet. 

In total Good Wood Plaza will cover an area of 3,400 square metres with walls 19.75 metres tall. 1,547 square metres of glazing will be included across the structure. Topping it off will be 328 square metres of solar panels. The office block holds 4 floors, and 6 levels in total.

Laminated-veneer lumber is being utilised throughout Good Wood Plaza’s construction to provide the main supporting structure. Its creators claim that it is the first and only building in the world where all supporting elements, including bearing structures, are made entirely from wood. 

It’s already a record breaker - despite not being complete. In January 2016, the Russian Book of Records bestowed it the honour of tallest wooden building currently under construction. This may not be strictly true, as there is an 18-storey mixed use timber tower being built in Vancouver, Canada, but is certainly the tallest in the Eastern Hemisphere. 

Good Wood Plaza will hold everything you would expect an office building to hold: work areas; 30 meeting rooms of various size; assembly halls; café and dining areas. But that is not all. Plans for the finished article also include a media centre and even a cinema.